I was born on a Tuesday. Tuesday’s child is full of grace they told me. It was a bit of a joke really, being “Rip, Shit and Bust,” running too fast as a child, always falling over, scraping knees, hands, etc. It carried on into my adulthood, rushing everywhere, stubbing toes, banging knees on doors in a hurry to get through before I’d even opened the damned door! And so it went on until now, at the age of 64 and three quarters.

NOW we have a different situation, a different way of life. We are thinking about things in a whole new light. Personally, I am discovering Mindfulness and the State of Grace.

This has no religious connotations; I strayed from the Anglican path at the age of 13, after years of Sunday school and church services. However, I have discovered my Spirituality and know now that there is a lot more to life than what we see before us. I believe that we all have a purpose on this earth and we create our own destiny, whether we like it or not!
I am still learning, and two things have changed my life for the better; Mindfulness and Gratitude.

  1. Mindfulness, the art of focusing on the present moment, being totally aware of what’s around you. Seeing the wonders of nature, a hawk in flight, a sunset, waves crashing onto the shore. Savouring your food, taking your time to really enjoy the taste and texture. Listening, 100%, to what someone is saying to you. Breathing in the scent of the roses. Feeling the love for your soul mate, your child, grandmother, your best friend, your pet.
  2. Gratitude, being thankful, appreciating all the good things makes a huge difference to your life. For me, this is my cosy little home, my beautiful garden, having a soul mate to share my life with, and to help me do stuff. I love my grandkids when they’re laughing, the love in my dog’s eyes when he sees me. I appreciate my skills, writing, painting, creating quirky objects in my garden. There are always things to be grateful for; a comfortable chair to relax in, freshly-baked muffins from a neighbour, a phone call from a friend.

When you focus on the good things, the not so good things take a back seat and more good things keep coming into your life. Try it and see. Every day make a note of everything you are grateful for. Practise this often and, believe me, your life WILL change for the better.

Kate Winters 30.4.20