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This blog is for the most important person in your life – you. You may think you are
awesome but do you really believe it? What is it stops you completely believing in

Come and chat, ask your questions, or just read what others think and how they have helped themselves. I want you to grow in confidence and self belief. I want you to be unstoppable and achieve your dreams. Not be afraid to do what’s the right thing for you.

Come and discover who it is that holds you back. You might be surprised!
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Self Worth

Self Worth

Feelings of low self worth can be caused by your surrounding circumstances and the way you react to them.
Have you allowed yourself to be influenced by other people’s beliefs and comments?
Once you start to believe these negative words it is not easy to shake them off. Do you find they have sunk into your subconscious, gnaw away at you, and make you feel bad?
The more you think about what has been said, the more they will hurt and affect you.
You have to rid yourself of these thoughts and stop believing what others have told you in the past.
It is your own thoughts that have caused your problems. Had you refused to believe what was said to you, you would not suffer from low self worth.
I realise that when hurtful words are spoken it’s not always easy to shrug them off, but it is important that you try not to dwell on them, or take them to heart.
When you keep reliving the words or actions, the hurt and the pain is causing the problem, and the more you think about it, worse you feel.
Make the choice not to dwell on negative words in the future. For everything negative that may be said about you, tell yourself the opposite. Not only once but again, and again, until it’s what your subconscious believes. The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth and so it’s important to let it hear only awesome thoughts about yourself and not hear any lies and misgivings you may have.
Find positive affirmations that make you feel good about yourself, and repeat these first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, and anytime throughout the day you think of them. Repeat them as often as you can.
You will find that affirmations can help you feel awesome when you say them often enough.
Your sub conscious will come to believe what it is told, and you will have blossomed into the wonderful, confident awesome person you know you can be.

An Awesome Life

An Awesome Life

Do you think an awesome life is having lots of money and being able to live in a huge house with a landscaped garden, or owning the latest model car? Or maybe it’s being able to go on vacation whenever you want to. How about having a top management job that brings in lots of money?
I think there are many people who are successful, but because this has nothing to do with money, they are not even aware how awesome their lives are.
What do I mean?

Well how about not having much money, but having a loving family environment?

A partner who gives you a hug and a kiss when he/she leaves for work. What about the kids who run to greet you when you come home? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling no matter how many times it happens?

How about the dog, who jumps up to greet you, gets hairs and mud all over your clothes, then insists on licking your face in sheer happiness when he’s been sniffing and licking round heaven only knows where! Or, as big as he is, decides to sit on your lap!
Or the cat who jumps up to sit and purr contentedly on your knee, just as you think you might read the newspaper.

Isn’t it great to be left to lie in bed and be brought a warm cup of tea, and over-done toast on a special day!
Isn’t it fantastic to know that you are loved. That the people in your life, have decided to treat you to breakfast in bed.
Do you lie there and listen to the excited chatter, crockery being banged about, the toaster popping and the arguments as to who’s going to carry the tray?
Do you silently pray “Please don’t let them drop everything” and then duck under the covers and pretend to be asleep as they creep in, that cup rattling badly, as the tray makes it closer to the bed.
Do you then sit up, look with amazed happiness at the burnt offering, which initially started off as a lovely white piece of bread, and at the tea sloshing about in the saucer? Don’t you just love the little faces turned up expectantly, watching in anticipation, waiting for you to bite into the toast and taste the tea.
Waiting eagerly for the praise that you are about to give them for the wonderful surprise breakfast.
Don’t you just love the smile and look you share with your partner, which is really a plea for “Please don’t make me eat this” as he stands there sharing your secret and knowing your thoughts!
Isn’t this success of the best kind? I believe it is. It costs nothing yet means so much.

It’s having friends and family who care about you. Who know when you are not well and offer to help you.
Having people in your life you know you can depend on. It’s about you being there for them, giving them your time, listening to their problems and sharing the good and bad times.
Next time you wish you had more money or different lifestyle, and wonder how Mr Jones owns that great big house and drives that brand new car, stop and think about everything you have in your life.
Perhaps Mr Jones works so many hours he doesn’t have much time for family relationships.

If you got to know Mrs Jones, she may even envy you your lifestyle – now there’s a thought! Mrs Jones might willingly give up her lifestyle to gain the happiness you have. Appreciate how awesome your life is and how and grateful you are to have this.

The Choice

The Choice

As you look back on your life is there a time when you can see that you made a wrong choice, one that has led you on a different pathway that isn’t really one you would choose given that time again?

Do you have any idea why the choice was made? Were you afraid, or was it solely to keep the peace, to make other people in your life happy. We appear to accept that they know what we should do with our life more than we ourselves do.

Is this what you should have done? What did you miss out on? Where did that choice take you? Did it work out well for you, or, are you totally off that original pathway with no hope of ever getting back on it. Do you feel it’s too late? Is it too late? Would you risk disrupting what you have now to do what you have always yearned.

Well, would you? Is it worth the risk? Is it a risk any more? Have you grown stronger in your intent because you know what you should do.

Could the people in your life finally accept that you should be able to do what it is that pleases you?

Can you put that wrong choice right and live your dream?

Is it a choice you are prepared to make?

I wonder …….

Self Help

Self Help

Do you doubt your capability? If you do, you are not alone! It is no surprise that so many people feel they cannot help themselves.
It can be something as simple as a passing comment spoken years ago by someone that has become embedded in your subconscious to affect you for years to come.
Perhaps you were never praised as a child, or congratulated in your teens for things you had done. Have you never been given recognition in your adult life for your efforts?
A low self belief will stop you achieving a lot of what you set out to do. This isn’t because you aren’t capable, but because you tell yourself you’re not!
What can you do to alter this?
The first thing is to try to change the attitude you have about yourself.
Do you see yourself as unworthy?
Do you assume people don’t like you?
Did you know you have the power within you to change your thought pattern? No more “I can’t”. Drop the ‘T’ and say “I can”. Start believing in yourself.
Once you begin to do this you will find things will start to improve in your every day life. Start thinking good things about yourself.
Look at what you have done in your life. If you stop to think about this, you will come to realise how much you have achieved without even being aware.
Decide today to start helping yourself. Begin by liking yourself. Its vital that you do this. If you don’t like yourself then how can you expect anyone to like you?
Value yourself as a person. Try to say to yourself “I believe in myself”. Repeat this as often as you can. Really start to believe this, it’s important!
What type of person do you want to be? Do you want to be liked and respected? You can be. You need to believe this however. If you don’t believe, then how can you ever become this way?
Why not tell yourself that you deserve good things to happen in your life? Put into action the things you have wanted to do but think you’re not capable of doing.
How can you know you aren’t capable if you have never given yourself the chance to try?
What’s stopping you from trying? You are. You are responsible for what you have achieved in your life. It’s as simple as that.
You are responsible for you. Give yourself the help you require to be the best you can be.
Whatever it is that you want to do, give it a try. You might not succeed the first time. This does not mean you aren’t capable. Try again and again if necessary.
Believe in yourself.
You will discover just how capable you are and have always been.

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

The right attitude is very important for positive personal growth.
Is yours positive or negative?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and the child standing in front of you was no longer challenging you but was smiling and agreeing to help you with the housework? Wow now that would be good!!
Too much to hope for do you think? Hmmmm maybe!
But dreams are free!
I can remember writing out a sign saying ‘Attitude Is Everything’. I pinned it up on my son’s bedroom wall.
Why? Well I hoped that it might be the encouragement he needed to say ‘sure mum’ when I asked him to tidy up his room.
Guess what? You got it – it didn’t work!
I thought it was such a good idea too!
Of course it’s not only children who seem to be disagreeable at times is it? Sometimes it’s the grown ups! It’s not always easy to be bubbly and think that life is just fantastic all the time is it? Do you sometimes feel that nothing is going right for you? Is the glass always half empty and never half full. So what can you do when you have a problem with your attitude? It’s important to realize that the success or failure in your life depends on how you see yourself. Do you see yourself in a negative or positive way?
Try to realize that you hold they key to your success or to your failure! Yes you do!
The key is inside you. It’s your mindset! If you think you can’t do something then you are right.
To gain success through attitude you have to believe anything is possible.
If you reverse your thoughts and say that you can, then you will be able to do things that you didn’t know you could.
Do you dream about being successful? If you do you will have to take responsibility for your actions and thoughts.
Start thinking “I can and I will.” Then start doing!
Discover how capable you are when you have the “I can do anything attitude.” Tell yourself that you can succeed at whatever you decide. Believe this. Don’t listen to people who tell you not to do something because they don’t think you are capable. Prove to yourself that you are capable – and do it! When you succeed, do something else. Prove that you can!
Have confidence in yourself. You are responsible for your attitude. If you hear yourself saying something negative, say something positive in its place. The choice is yours. You decide. Are you going to start believing in yourself? I hope so. You hold the key to your future development.

Nobody else can give you your attitude. It is uniquely yours. 

Note to Self

Note to Self

Are you unhappy with the way you are? What can you do to learn to like yourself? Tell yourself what a wonderful, confident person you are!

Do you feel this isn’t true? If you don’t think you are wonderful, or confident, then you probably won’t be.

Change the thoughts you have about yourself. This is the most important thing when learning to like yourself.

If your self talk is negative, then your confidence will be low and you may suffer with low self esteem.

Do you surround yourself with negative people? If the answer is yes, get to know people who have a positive outlook on life. Everyone loves being around positive people. The energy seems to flow from them, and uplift whomever they come into contact with.

To learn to like yourself, start working on the inner self. Tell yourself what a fantastic person you are. Your subconscious believes what it has been told, and when you continuously put yourself down with negative comments about yourself, this is what your subconscious believes.

You know what this means, don’t you? If you can change your self talk with positive statements about yourself, your sub conscious will believe you!

Tell it every day “I am a very confident person,” or “I am worthwhile,” it will come to see this as true.

What you tell yourself will enable you to learn to like yourself. Know that you are unique in your own special way. You are the only one who can change how you are into how you want to be. Start to day, convince your subconscious how brilliant you are!

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Positive Thoughts

Did you know your thoughts make your
reality? I am sure you do.
Do you find you are still focusing on those negative thoughts and upsetting feelings that creep into your mind and keep you feeling unhappy. If the way we think is the way we are, and we aren’t happy, then surely it must be in our control to alter the way things are in our life?

Do you spend your time telling yourself that you can’t do some things? Is there something you really want to do, and yet for some unknown reason you tell yourself you’re not even going to try because you know you will fail? When you do this you limit yourself and what you can do. The more you limit yourself with these negative thoughts, then, of course, the less you will achieve.

It’s funny you know, but so many of us want better lives, we aren’t happy with the way things are, and yet we continue with these self-limiting thoughts. We can’t seem to make the effort to improve our thought process by being positive.

When you continuously put yourself down by saying you can’t do something, this is the way you are shaping yourself. It is so easy isn’t it to say “I can’t do that,” but what would happen if you said “I can do that,” and gave it a go? Wont it be great when you try something, succeed, sit back and say “I didn’t think I could do that.”

The reason you could do it, was because you changed your thoughts and told yourself that you could. This is what you should do when you appear to be stuck in a rut and want to change things. It’s a rut of your own making!

Why not try this week to do something you don’t think you can and get back to us and let us know what happened?

Have you given your power away?

Have you given your power away?

It’s mind boggling to think that everything we do starts with a single thought don’t you think? Nothing is possible or exists without being first thought of.

So what are your thoughts about the most important person in your life?

I wonder who you thought about when I put this question to you? Was it someone other than yourself? Of course I meant you. Yes you. You are the most important one in your life. Often though we don’t feel this way do we. Why is this?

The answer may be due to the thoughts we have of ourselves. We want to believe we are strong, confident, decisive people when, truth be told, we aren’t this way at all. Our thoughts make us how we are. Sometimes however it’s other people’s thoughts that have made us how we are. We have given our power away and listen to other people’s opinion of ourselves and adjust our belief into what they tell us even though, sometimes, we don’t particularly agree.

Have you given your power away?