Development circles are designed to help people connect with spirit and to learn to allow spirit to communicate through them to help both themselves and others. They generally have one leader who will run the circle on a weekly or fortnightly basis and each session is usually for 2 hours.

Circles are generally made up of four components:

  • Opening and closing prayer
  • Meditation – this will be a lead meditation, either by the leader or a member of the group, with the purpose of
    • Teaching focus and discipline as people learn to let go of their everyday thoughts and focus on staying within the confines of what they are being asked to do in the meditation
    • Helps in connecting with spirit entities that are there to help and guide each person
    • Gives access to spiritual knowledge
  • Exercises to help strengthen the connection with the spirit entities that are working with each person. These exercises will lead to each person being able to channel their spirit entity or guide on a deeper and deeper level until they are able to totally step aside and allow the guide to speak through them without interruption.  
  • Exercises to allow the group members to be able to bring through messages from spirit for other people. As they learn to do this, they will also learn to be able to identify who the message is coming from and be able to describe that person. 
  • Circle leaders from around the countries have provided us with some exercises which you may like to include in your circle. If you have some that you would like to share with us, please email Barbara at

It is important to remember that each member of the group will develop in their own way and at their own pace and that they are always encouraged and reminded that it is their own personal journey and no comparisons are made between the individuals progress. 

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