Clairvoyant Events

Mediums days

While these are generally used as a fund-raising opportunity, they are also providing a service to the general public as it is giving them an opportunity to receive a reading in a safe environment and also to have access to those on your committee so that they are able to ask questions generally about your organisation and any spiritual matters.

This is a public demonstration of clairvoyance where you have a number of mediums gathered together in a hall, offering short readings – generally 15 minutes long. There are two main ways of charging for these events

  1. You can charge a price for a single reading and the public book into the medium(s) that they wish to have a reading with. This cost is often $20 for 15 minutes but you can set the cost at whatever you choose
  2. You can charge a door fee and allow people to have as many readings as they wish. Again, they can make bookings for individual mediums or they can just choose to have a reading with whichever medium is free at the time.

Both systems work and for both you can also have spiritual healing available either for free or for koha.

Clairvoyant Afternoon Day Variation 

If you have access to mediums and clairvoyants who work different ways (e.g. Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Card reading, Stone reading, Trance /channelling & Spiritual healing) you could set up separate “stations” for each type, serviced by one or more mediums. Split the participants into groups and then have each group rotate around the stations with each person receiving one short reading at each station.

We found this format very popular with participants (who got multiple readings, and each one of different type), and some even told us we had under-charged!

Email the volunteer mediums in advance explaining the process (so they understand what to expect). Clairvoyant Afternoon Email  and Clairvoyance Afternoon Poster Brief everyone (mediums, participants, helpers) on the day on how it will work (including the order participants will rotate through the stations) before you split the participants into even sized groups and send them to their starting stations.

Clairvoyant Evenings

These evenings can be a lot of fun while also providing the opportunity for members of the general public to receive a message from spirit through one of several mediums. The idea is to entertain while still giving accurate and appropriate messages.

Choose 3 or 4 mediums who stand up the front of the room and take it in turns to give messages to those attending. Each medium may do 3 or 4 readings at a time or you can rotate through each of them, whichever works for the mediums who are working. The length of the messages can be adjusted depending on how many you have in your audience so that you can get messages to as many of them as possible. The ultimate aim is to give everyone a message if possible.

The door charge you decide on will perhaps depend on the size of your venue and the people you wish to attract. Again, a discount can be offered for the organisations members and you can decide whether you wish to offer refreshments part way through as a way of giving your mediums a break, or at the end. Offering refreshments is a choice you make but it can be a useful time for committee members to circulate and talk about the organisations activities and membership.

Psychic Suppers

These are generally held in the evening and tickets are sold in advance so that you know exactly how many people will be coming. Your charge will depend on your costs but is generally around $20 for members $25 for non-members. You have a table with food and drink on – generally a mixture of cakes, savories muffins etc plus hot and cold drinks. You may also choose to have bottles of drink on each table – wine, water, grape juice etc

People are encouraged during the evening to help themselves to plates of food and bring them back to their table. A typical program would be –

7:00-7:30pm  Welcome mediums & guests and issue guests with ticket.
Guests help themselves to drink and socialise in that area.
Helpers continue to set up tables.

7:30pm Welcome & instructions for the evening.

7:35-9:30pm Guests & mediums move to tables, socialise & get readings.

9:30 Farewell

9:35-10:30 Helpers clean up & lock up.

There are usually 6 people per table plus a medium (or 2 if you have extra mediums). Each guest at a table is to have received a mini-reading by the time the night is through.

So, one medium doing 6 readings over a 2-hour period would require each reading to be no longer than 20 minutes each. If multiple mediums per table, the time allowance will extend – if required to do 4 readings over a 2 hour time period, each reading can be up to 30 minutes long.
A bell will ring at the end of each time slot to let the guests and medium know that it’s time to change to the next guest. The medium will give a mini-reading to one of the people sitting beside them, while the other guests chat among themselves and eat.

Once the bell rings, the medium will finish the reading if it’s still going and the guests will move along the seating so the next person is sitting beside the medium ready for a reading. Between readings, the medium can socialise too. If the medium finishes all the readings early, he/she can open the conversation up to questions that anyone may have about mediumship, spirituality, etc.

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