Committee Responsibilities

Committee Responsibilities

Your organisations committee will generally comprise

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee members – usually between 3 and 7
  • Your Minister may also be included on your committee

The responsibilities of the officers may be defined in your constitution and will be individual to each organisation.
However, their usual responsibilities are as follows:

President – responsible for the overall administration of the organisation, chairing the meetings and the AGM

Vice-President– steps into the Presidents role if the President is not available. May be given responsibility for a specific area such as fundraising

Secretary – responsible for taking minutes at all meetings, handling all inwards and outwards correspondence

Treasurer – responsible for all financial matters relating to the organisation

Many organisations will also have some sub-committees to organise areas such as workshops, fundraising etc. You may also allocate an individual to be responsible for preparing the rosters for the various duties such as chairperson, medium, reader, someone to be responsible for the music at services, a healing roster, someone to welcome people at the door, supper duties and a librarian if you have a library available.

It is also a good idea to have a Church email address so that there is no need to change the email address with every change of secretary. It also means that more than one person can have access to the emails for either sending or responding to them.

Committee Responsibilities

One of the major roles of the committee is to ensure the safe running of the organisation.

The committee has the responsibility of

  • Ensuring that all aspects of the organisation are running smoothly
  • seeing that the correct people are available for the various roles before, during and after the service
  • ensuring that any health and safety procedures are followed
  • replacing and repairing equipment where necessary
  • keeping good membership records
  • keeping good financial records
  • talking to people who come to your services, making them feel welcome and aware of any extra workshops etc that are available
  • be the support system for your Minister.

Committee Guidelines

Some organisations prepare a set of guidelines for new committee members to be given. These guidelines can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. Here is a very complex set of guidelines which you can use to set up your own set.

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