Most of us know that, through genetics, our bodies have a propensity for certain illnesses and addictions carried down from our forebears. We are told that we are aware of those things when, in spirit, we select our body.

However, have you considered what other things may be passed to us genetically? For instance what about our fears – how many of you do not like spiders yet, in this country most are entirely harmless?

In 2013, scientists decided to find out. They exposed mice to an alarming stimuli, while releasing the smell of cherry blossoms. Naturally, the mice began to associate fear with the smell of cherry blossoms. However, two generations later, the mice who had never been exposed to the experiment still showed fear when exposed to cherry blossoms.

This is a field known as “epigenetics”, the idea that the thoughts of previous generations can be hardwired into your DNA.

What is interesting to ponder is what other thoughts and limiting beliefs could we have inherited through our DNA. For instance, many of our grandparents or great-grandparents lived through the World Wars and Great Depression. Could limiting money thoughts inherited from our grandparents actually be stopping us from enjoying more wealth and success today? Could the fear of not having enough food to eat (from war rationing and the depression) be causing us to stockpile or over-eat food today?

I don’t have the answers – it’s just one of life’s complexities. But if you are aware that you have limiting beliefs that stifle you and that they don’t make sense given your own life experiences, consider if they could stem from your family instead.  And if you want to change, there are people that will help you re-program your thoughts into a more positive pattern, such as Neuro-Linguistic

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