Many healers may already be familiar with Barbara Brennan who was once a NASA scientist and then became a healer after becoming aware of energy. She has taken a scientific approach to her spiritual investigations, her experiences are well researched and documented.  Once she turned to healing full time through her school she wrote 2 other fascinating books.

Core Light is her third, delving into many deeper facets of our energy field. Her first book Hands of Light is a must read in my opinion for aspiring healers.  Her Guide also contributes information as well. She has put out some lovely meditations and also during her healing courses there is a harpist called Marjorie Valeri who channels her playing with beautiful, etheric healing music.  All her books have hand-drawn illustrations of what she has seen, very fascinating.

Other books written by her are The Hands of Light and Light Emerging.


Book review submitted by Sue Boyle