Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups 

Discussion groups can be a useful tool as an introduction to spiritualism. They can be a relaxed session, generally about 2 hours in length, where people new to spiritualism or looking to gain more information before moving into a development circle, can not only gain knowledge on a variety of subjects but can also ask any questions that are puzzling them.

Each session can cover a single topic such as

  • What is Spiritualism?
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual healing
  • The history of modern spiritualism
  • What are guides and helpers
  • Different forms of clairvoyance
  • Ascension, what is it?
  • Changing energy vibrations
  • Seven Principles of Spiritualism
  • Circles

If part of the aim for running the development groups is to help people move into a development circle, you may choose to end the series with an open circle night.

The sessions may all be run by one or two people or you may choose to have a variety of people involved, each talking on their particular topic of interest. Sessions need to be interactive so that people can ask questions as the topic develops. In this way, you will often find that a far deeper look at the particular topic happens as people express their interest.

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