Groups and organisations

When you get together with others for a spiritual purpose, you can share your knowledge so that each can grow in their own way

A spiritual group or organisation can cover a wide range of possibilities

    • A small group of people getting together for meditation and/or spiritual development
    • A spiritual centre of church
    • An open group where anyone is welcome and various subjects and practices are discussed
    • A retreat weekend
    • And many more possibilities.

    The purpose of all these groups is

      • To learn to understand what living a spiritual life means
      • To learn to interact with the spirit realm, whether it be through healing or channelling
      • To train and develop your mediumistic skills
      • To interact with like-minded people.

      We have several articles that can help to set up and run the type of group or organisation that you are interested in


      • Creating a spiritual group
      • Creating a formal structure for your organisation
      • Helpful information for running an organisation
      • Complaints Procedure and Public Liability Insurance
      • Activities and Services
      • Circles, Workshops and Fundraising
      • How do you decide who is going to be your Church Minister

      Spiritualism New Zealand encourages and supports all types of spiritual groups.
      We aim to help you develop in whatever way is suitable for you
      We support you as you use your skills and share your knowledge