It’s mind boggling to think that everything we do starts with a single thought don’t you think? Nothing is possible or exists without being first thought of.

So what are your thoughts about the most important person in your life?

I wonder who you thought about when I put this question to you? Was it someone other than yourself? Of course I meant you. Yes you. You are the most important one in your life. Often though we don’t feel this way do we. Why is this?

The answer may be due to the thoughts we have of ourselves. We want to believe we are strong, confident, decisive people when, truth be told, we aren’t this way at all. Our thoughts make us how we are. Sometimes however it’s other people’s thoughts that have made us how we are. We have given our power away and listen to other people’s opinion of ourselves and adjust our belief into what they tell us even though, sometimes, we don’t particularly agree.

Have you given your power away?