Healing Circles

Healing Circles

These are very similar to circles but with the emphasis on learning how to give and receive healing. They will focus on people developing their connection with the spirit realm with the intention of allowing the healing energy to flow and to be shared either person to person or remotely as absent healing.

In some healing circles a list of people needing healing is kept and read out aloud. Usually names aren’t allowed to be crossed out, the list is re-written when it needs to be updated.

As with spiritual circles, they will generally include

  • Opening prayer
  • Discussion on some healing topic
  • Healing meditation
  • Absent healing
  • Healing
  • Closing prayer

Rescue Circle

These circles are held to give healing and help earth bound spirits to ascend to the Light with the help of Guides or relatives.  Large disasters like 911, earthquakes and war are helped by these circles and the circle can also be used to help reduce the fear on our planet. These circles are run with prayers and meditation.

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