My name is Jane Stephens and I have had the privilege of working as a Spiritual Artist in five countries. Most of my work has been done on platform in a Spiritualist Church, but I have also worked in spiritual centres, church halls, people’s homes and even once in a pub!

I would like to share with you the way in which I became involved with spiritual art. I come from a family of artists, all of whom were better than I was at drawing and painting. I had never thought of myself as being able to do anything artistic, although I had enjoyed drawing as a child.

I began attending a Development Circle at Park Grove Church in Cardiff, in the UK. During the mediumship exercises we each had to go to the platform and give the information we had, each shaking in our shoes and convinced we had imagined the whole thing. I was different to the others in my circle, I didn’t want to talk or give messages or addresses. I felt compelled to draw what I was seeing and experiencing in circle. It began in quite a minor way: I drew people’s auras and the colours and images I saw with them, moving on to draw Guides and relatives.

When I moved to a Closed Circle, the experience became more intense. I went into a Trance state and while in this state was able to allow the Spirit World to use my hand to draw pictures. I will never forget the intensity of this experience as my Guides held my hand and pushed it around the paper. Initially, I drew with my eyes shut, but then was advised by my Circle Leader to open my eyes to enable the Guides to get feedback about the way in which the image was coming through. The images were always clear and came with information attached to them, which included wisdom about people, mediumship or the world. I once produced a small series of stories for children, written by my Guides. As I became more used to the process, our manner of drawing has become more of a partnership than one of control, though I still always go into a Trance state when drawing in a reading or on Platform. This makes the way I work different to the way that Clairvoyance is usually done: I just have to do the Clairvoyance after having done the picture as the two energies do not mix!

I feel that Mediums who want to work with art are drawn to it and know that this is what they want to do. Each Spiritual Artist draws and interacts with their Guides in a completely individual way, so there is no way to “teach” people to be Spiritual Artists: it is rather a process of encouraging each person’s gifts to develop in the best way for that person. Also, we cannot expect the Spirit World to do all the work for us, so those who wish to be Spiritual Artists need to start drawing or painting as this will make it easier for their Guides to interact with them through the artwork.

I would like to share with you a picture that I did in my early days of development. It is called “Growing the Light” and it shows someone in the process of development, who is expanding their own personal “light” which will enable them to draw closer to the Spirit World. I think the picture shows the effort of this work, but the joy that comes from it can be seen in the face of the figure.

I would be very happy to talk with you about your experiences with Spiritual Art, if you would like to contact me, as I am aware that most artists work alone and lack a “listener” for their successes and difficulties. You can contact me at