Living spiritually is different for everyone but there are some key themes worth considering as you move forward on your spiritual journey. You may find you are already doing some of these, and others may not resonate with you yet or at all. Don’t feel that you need to take all ideas on at once as that is definitely the way to make your life tougher for yourself than it needs to be. Rather pick one or two to become aware of; notice your thoughts, actions and words around these.

When you decide to change a pattern in the way you are living, it takes time and effort. So, allow yourself space as you do this. The first thing is to notice how the aspect that you are choosing to focus on is appearing in your life. Once you have done that, you can choose to change that aspect gradually and gently, loving yourself whether you make the desired changes or notice that you haven’t quite succeeded yet. There is no right or wrong way about how you do this, for each of you are unique individuals.

So here are some of my suggestions of what you may choose to focus on:

  • Becoming non-judgemental of yourself and others

Learn to watch your thoughts, actions, and words for when you are criticizing yourself or others over something that has been said or done. These judgements are not helpful or constructive but rather are negative and destructive.

Your aim is to accept everyone, including yourself, without any condemnation, without any criticism. Two phrases that I have found helpful to say to myself as I am making this change are ‘they are who they are’ and ‘I am who I am’.

By stopping judgements, you come to accept that the only life you are responsible for is your own and you learn to accept others as they are, not who you want them to be.

  • Taking personal responsibility

This can be a bit daunting as it means giving up blaming others and totally taking responsibly for all that you do, think, say and feel. No-one can make you do any of these, although you may often want to put the blame elsewhere. This is about really owning who you are and all that you do. When you think about it, no-one can make you do any of these things; it is totally your choice how you respond to all that is happening around you and within you.

As you become more conscious of owning all that you are, you will find that you will take more care with what you think, say and do, and about how you say and do things, and the repercussions of those thoughts, words and actions.

Take a minute to think what an awesome responsibility that is, that nothing you do, say, think or feel can be attributed to anyone but yourself. How does that feel?

  • Being true to yourself

As you move deeper into your spiritual being, you come to understand that you are the most important person in your life. This is a foreign concept at first as you are taught all your life to look after others first.

However, looking after others often means doing what they want or expect and not what feels right for you.

Learn to look within and identify what it is you want to do and, as you do this, learn to have control of your own life. Start to exercise your personal choice and free will and learn to be comfortable with saying ‘no’ to other’s expectations when these don’t match what you know to be right for you. This is about accepting all parts of yourself, loving all parts of yourself, and choosing to be who you truly are.

  • Strengthening your contact with your soul, your inner knowledge and the spirit realm

Your soul has the knowledge that you need to follow your pathway. So learn to trust yourself, trust your intuition, gut feelings and knowings. The more that you can acknowledge what you are feeling or knowing the more you will strengthen your connection with your soul.

Also, by learning to reach out and connect with the spirit realm, you will not only gain much knowledge and understanding of our universe but you will find it easier to hold the peace and harmony within you. This then gives you a solid base from which to live. Be guided by contacts with the spirit realms, learning to communicate with them in ways that work for you, whether by words, pictures, symbols, knowings, feelings, etc.

  • Living from a place of love, not fear

The more you gain an understanding and feeling of the Unconditional Love that is so freely available from the Universe, the more you learn that you can live your life from a place of love. Love for yourself, love for others, and love for all that is on our earth plane. By living a life filled with Unconditional Love, you come to realise that everyone and everything is deserving of that love. This love is pure and everyone’s soul is pure and you can, therefore, connect on this deeper basis with all that is.

By letting go of your fears, you allow yourself to live more in the now, not worrying about the past or the future. This is not an easy thing to do and requires that you watch especially your thoughts; it is those that will take you into those places of fear. When you find yourself being fearful of someone or something, don’t berate yourself. Rather love yourself for the fact that you have recognised what you are doing, and then surround that fear with love, bringing yourself back into the present moment when you can just be.

  • Accepting that you are part of the Oneness

Everything on our earth is energy; you, Mother Earth, our belongings and buildings, nature, our rivers and oceans, money – everything. And as you are made of energy, then you are part of all that is. By accepting that oneness, you will find it easier to move to live in a space of Unconditional Love for all.

While you are part of the whole, you are still a unique individual. Think of a river with many, many thousands of drops of water. Each drop is separate but still a part of the river. This is true of you also. You are a drop of energy in the broad stream of energy that is our earth plane. So, celebrate your uniqueness while loving being part of the whole, the oneness of all on our earth plane.

Barbara Hand, Spirit Wings, 8.5.20