Meditation Groups

Meditation Groups 

Meditation can 

  • help to relive stress and anxiety
  • improve your physical health
  • help reduce pain and fatigue
  • increase your energy levels
  • promote spiritual growth
  • improve concentration

to name just a few of the benefits.

Meditation groups are for those who aren’t interested or ready to develop working actively with the spirit realm but who wish to bring some stillness into their lives. They are based around a led meditation which may be spoken, played from such places as YouTube or the internet, where there is a wide variety of meditations available, around a focus such as a candle or a plant or with music playing. Meditations can last from 10 minutes to as long as is required and generally starts with a shorter time, allowing the participants to build up their ability to stay disciplined and focused within the meditation.  The meditation can also be based around a certain question or topic that answers are being looked for.

At the end of the meditation, each person is encouraged to talk about what they felt, heard, saw or experienced. Each will gain their knowledge in a different way and it is important to emphasise that each person’s method is perfect for them. Some people see very clear pictures while others never see anything, but each will gain the same benefits. 

While the purpose of meditating is to switch the mind off and work from the heart, it is important to make those attending understand that everyday thoughts will still intrude, and these should be acknowledged and then let go and the focus brought back to the meditation. While the mind is not involved in the meditation, it is important to allow the imagination to be involved as this is the part of you that allows the knowledge to be brought through in whatever form is appropriate.

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