Committee Meetings

These are held on a regular basis, generally monthly, and are used to keep committee members up-to-date with what is happening. Minutes are taken by the secretary and circulated to the members shortly after the meeting to ensure that any jobs agreed on will happen.

There will be generally be reports from anyone who has a particular role to play such as the Treasurer, the person in charge of healing etc and from any sub-committees such as a workshop subcommittee,

These meetings are an important part of running the organisation as it gives everyone a chance to be involved in what is happening and, hopefully, put their hands up to do some of the work involved.

Annual General Meeting

This meeting is held once a year, generally within 3 months of the end of the organisation’s financial year. It is an opportunity for the committee to report back to the general membership what has been happening during the year and what is planned for the year to come.

Your constitution or rules will state what is the quorum for your AGM and how long beforehand you need to advise all financial members of the date and place for your AGM. Generally only those who have been financial members for three months prior to the AGM can vote on any issues raised.

A typical agenda for an AGM would be

  • Opening Prayer
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of previous years minutes
  • Matter arising from these minutes
  • Presidents report
  • Treasurers report
    • the Treasurer also generally passes motions for
    • how much the annual subscriptions will be for the following year
    • reappointing the auditor/reviewer for the following year
  • Appointment of officers and committee
  • General Business
  • Closing Prayer

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