I would like to share with you one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Earlier on this year I had the privilege of sitting in on a physical séance with David Thompson. I know that physical seances may not appeal to everyone, but I had had a fascination of them ever since I had first read of them, and had always dreamed to sit in on one, so when I got the chance I jumped at it.

Interesting how things work out. I had worked weekends for the past year but on ringing my supervisor I found that I had no clients for the whole of the weekend.

I got in touch with the person organising the séance to find that there was on spare spot left.

This was all done just a couple of days before the séance was to take place up in Auckland. I live in Hawkes Bay.

How to travel there?

Flights were expensive, so I decided to drive up to Auckland on the Friday evening after I finished work and that way I could also meet my husband at Auckland airport as he was arriving home the morning of the séance after being out of the country for five weeks. (I could get to see him sooner. Win/win.)

I drove up overnight. We both had a sleep in the back of the car and then went for a shower at the local pool.

I am so glad I got to attend.

This is what happened.!!!!!

We met at seven o’clock. The séance was to start at seven thirty.

A few of us got a growling for saying our names in front of the medium.

Twenty people participating, some had been to as many as ten physical seances. One woman related the last one she attended. Her grandfather came through and spoke to her. He said ‘ah you must be Marjory’, and touched her on the head. Said a few things about her family that were personal and that nobody knew anything about. Then approached and spoke to her partner who was on the other side of the room.

Just before starting the séance David the medium and his wife spoke to us about what to expect. He also said that he did these seances for about six years full time but now only does them occasionally as they can be dangerous and exhausting and he now has a family to consider.

The room would be in pitch darkness as ectoplasm reacts negatively to light. There were no windows in the room and the one doorway had a thick curtain pulled across it to block out any light. “Some years ago a medium died in a sitting because someone shone a flashlight and the ectoplasm shot back into her body so quickly that her organs were damaged beyond repair”.

We were informed that we all produce ectoplasm but there are very few people in the world that can produce it in the required quantities that is needed for a physical séance to be a success. Ectoplasm is produced in the pancreas.

We were told that a spirit could touch us, but we were not allowed to reach out and make contact with the spirit.

We were warned that if the trumpet materialised and shot towards us that we were not to move our heads or the spirit controlling it, may misjudge their aim and it may hit us. We were also told that if we had to react in any way then we should just close our eyes.

We had to take off any jewellery or anything made of metal before entering the room as metal can get hot during parts of the séance and could burn us.

Before we entered, each of us, including the medium, were physically searched. Nothing was allowed in pockets including lollies or chewing gum and when I asked about a tissue in my bra I was asked to take it out.

The most important thing we were told, was that we had to go into the room with a positive and uplifting attitude. No negativity allowed. Laughter would be great because this helps to lift the vibrations to the levels needed for spirit to materialize.

We entered the room one by one and were each directed to a particular seat by David’s wife. She changed her mind a couple of times and repositioned people. Once we were all seated David entered and took his seat in the right-hand corner.

He was wearing a sweatshirt which he zipped up halfway and then tied the zip with four cable ties. At the end of the séance, his sweatshirt was on inside out, and back to front with the cable ties still in place. Spirit had dematerialized it and then put it back together again.

Now if you are sitting there thinking this could have been faked like a magic show I can assure you that there is no way because David was strapped to the seat that he sat in. His arms were strapped to the armrests and then cable ties were used to secure the straps. The same thing was done with his legs. They were strapped to the chair legs and then cable ties used to secure the straps.

They used to use ropes for the tying but found that spirit did all sorts of things with the ropes because they were made of natural fibres. So that is the reason why they use plastic cable ties because spirit can’t manipulate synthetic products.

Once we were all seated and David was in position and tied, the door was closed, and the curtain pulled across. We were plunged into complete and utter darkness. It was a really freaky experience especially for me as I am very claustrophobic. But we had been warned what to expect so I took a few deep breaths trying not to panic. I closed my eyes and then opened them again but there was no difference. Total blackness.

We were asked to hold hands with each other. Songs were played and we were asked to sing along. I should have written this up sooner as I have forgotten what the songs were.

Then,  “William”, David’s main guide came through and spoke through David. A very upper-class British accent with a voice that boomed. He spoke about love and giving and said that it was very important to live an unselfish life. Giving when one can. He also spoke to Lonny (David’s wife) and said that he often comes through and talks to their son, whom he referred to as his godson.

William then spoke to Ken, (one of the organisers), and asked about his health. William stated that a doctor wanted to come through and give Ken some healing. Ken and his wife Elizabeth said that that would be nice. Then we were told that there would not be enough energy for the doctor to come through, and, also for us all to get personal messages. So we were given the choice. We had to vote on whether the doctor should come through and give Ken healing or did we want personal messages. The vote was fairly close, but healing won out. JUST. We were then told that that was a test. He had just spoken about unselfishness. But we should not judge ourselves on what our choice was.

The Doctor then came through and gave Ken healing. We could hear him talking and could feel his presence. After a while, he asked if anyone else required healing. He then moved on to someone on the opposite side of the room, he gave this person healing and had a chat with them. Then asked again for anyone else in need of healing. This time it was a lady who sat in front of the door. You could feel the presence moving and he talked as he moved. Once again, the spirit doctor asked some questions and gave healing. When he was finished he asked again and I asked for some healing for myself. I could hear and feel him approaching me. I am not sure what I expected but as the presence approached me I could feel this huge pair of hands laid on my head. He spoke and asked me some questions.

As I said previously I wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed that it would just be the hands on my head, but you know that the most amazing thing was that as the spirit doctor approached me I realised that it wasn’t just a pair of hands that touched me he was there in the whole form because as he reached in to put his hands on my head.  He stood on my toe.

After the doctor left, Timmy came in and spoke. Timmy sounds like a young cockney boy. He told us that, “his nibs”, had said that he wasn’t totally obsolete that night, although he could not pronounce the word obsolete. Timmy is from the working class background and sounds as though he may be quite young.

He was told that there was still enough energy for the trumpet to be used and that was his job. He was very proud of this fact. The trumpet was placed in front of where David was sitting.

This was the pinnacle of the night for me. You saw the trumpet on the floor and it started to glow. Then the trumpet levitated up and around the room. It zipped around in the time to an Irish Jig that was being played. It whipped around the room so fast and would suddenly dash at someone’s face, or some other part of the body, a glowing trumpet in a completely darkened room. It moved so fast and in so many directions and moved in time to the music.

After the trumpet ended Timmy gave us a demonstration of the difference between using the mediums voicebox, and not. Without the use of Davids voicebox, the voice was more subdued like what you would hear with a trance medium. With his voicebox, it was like the voice was sort of coming through a loudspeaker but not quite that loud but it was amplified.

The evening finished with Louie Armstrong singing.