Act of Parliament, Constitution and Policies

Spiritualism New Zealand has three types of guiding papers

  • An Act of Parliament
  • A constitution and
  • A number of policies.

The Spiritualist Church of New Zealand Act was passed in 1924 as a protection for all those working spiritually in the various churches around the country and is still in place today.

Our The Constitutionwas reworded in 2017 so that we were able to reformulate the old Spiritualist Church of New Zealand (SCNZ) into Spiritualism New Zealand (SNZ). This gave us the freedom to move forward into a new era where we could create a community of all like-minded spiritual people and organisations throughout New Zealand. Whereas SCNZ was limited to only organisations such as spiritual churches belonging, SNZ can now accept membership from individuals, practitioners, organisations and retail outlets as long as they are following the Seven Principles of spiritualism.

Our current policies are:

Spiritualism New Zealand

Building a strong spiritual community where we can share and expand our knowledge, our teachings, our businesses  and our love.