Song of the Stone
Barry Brailsford
Stone Print Press
ISBN 978-0- 9582434-2- 1

Song of the Stone by Barry Brailsford

The reviewer is not a New Zealander and so until recently had not heard of the work(s) of Barry Brailsford. The name of an author comes to you and if not immediately relevant it goes onto the list of will read in the future which sometimes comes and sometimes not. The second time I heard Barry’s name I felt that I had to source a book just to discover for myself who this person is.

I was able to get a copy of Song of the Stone easily via the web site, and read with interest the book cover comments – not always a good thing to do – and was intrigued by the comments to learn more about his journey and if I would have a life changing moment/journey myself. Never one to turn down a free journey I read on.

For the first time in a long time I had a book in my hands that was un-put down-able.

The first few pages of introduction were tantalising and piqued my interest on what was to follow.

And Oh my did Barry take me on a journey as he walked trails and travelled to various countries and indigenous cultures. I felt every moment of pain and frustration on whether this would work or not, I was nail biting on if deadlines would be met, cried as people and Barry facing their own personal issues. All along the way learning a lot more about the Waitaha and the legacy left by them in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

When I am able to cope with the journey again I will reread the Song of the Stone, but until then thank you Barry for an extraordinary journey.