Do you doubt your capability? If you do, you are not alone! It is no surprise that so many people feel they cannot help themselves.
It can be something as simple as a passing comment spoken years ago by someone that has become embedded in your subconscious to affect you for years to come.
Perhaps you were never praised as a child, or congratulated in your teens for things you had done. Have you never been given recognition in your adult life for your efforts?
A low self belief will stop you achieving a lot of what you set out to do. This isn’t because you aren’t capable, but because you tell yourself you’re not!
What can you do to alter this?
The first thing is to try to change the attitude you have about yourself.
Do you see yourself as unworthy?
Do you assume people don’t like you?
Did you know you have the power within you to change your thought pattern? No more “I can’t”. Drop the ‘T’ and say “I can”. Start believing in yourself.
Once you begin to do this you will find things will start to improve in your every day life. Start thinking good things about yourself.
Look at what you have done in your life. If you stop to think about this, you will come to realise how much you have achieved without even being aware.
Decide today to start helping yourself. Begin by liking yourself. Its vital that you do this. If you don’t like yourself then how can you expect anyone to like you?
Value yourself as a person. Try to say to yourself “I believe in myself”. Repeat this as often as you can. Really start to believe this, it’s important!
What type of person do you want to be? Do you want to be liked and respected? You can be. You need to believe this however. If you don’t believe, then how can you ever become this way?
Why not tell yourself that you deserve good things to happen in your life? Put into action the things you have wanted to do but think you’re not capable of doing.
How can you know you aren’t capable if you have never given yourself the chance to try?
What’s stopping you from trying? You are. You are responsible for what you have achieved in your life. It’s as simple as that.
You are responsible for you. Give yourself the help you require to be the best you can be.
Whatever it is that you want to do, give it a try. You might not succeed the first time. This does not mean you aren’t capable. Try again and again if necessary.
Believe in yourself.
You will discover just how capable you are and have always been.