Soul Food Café

Soul Food Café 

These evenings are an extremely good way of connecting with members of the public who have questions about all things spiritual but are not yet willing to attend a church/centre or join a group. They are a chance for them to mix with like-minded people, ask questions without being judged, learn more about the spirit realm and also about the many modalities of healing etc that are available.

Each evening can be structured around a different modality or a different spiritual subject and will include a time for a question and answer session. These evenings are relaxed and will often include a medium who is available to give 15 minute readings (at a cost of $20 which will generally go to the medium) and some spiritual healers willing to give spiritual healing throughout the evening. There will generally be light refreshments available during the evening and a break in the middle of the evening for people to mingle and get to know each other and have a cuppa. A door charge, generally around $10, is charged to cover your costs.

A typical evening would run for 2 hours and would perhaps include

  • Introductions of your medium and healers
  • Perhaps a short meditation to settle people down
  • Introduction of your guest speaker/practitioner if you are having one and then they would talk for approximately 30 to 40 minutes OR
  • Talk on the subject of the evening including any exercises etc
  • A break for refreshments and general mingling
  • The rest of the evening can be devoted to questions and answers. Sometimes you need to have a question seeded amongst those there to get people started.
  • During the evening the healers can be placed where people can have their healing while still listening to what is going on and your medium can be available to go off to a different room and give readings to anyone who approaches them.

These evenings are generally run on a fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly basis and you can build up a email list from those who attend so that you can advise them in advance what is happening at each session. You can also create a flyer on which you can put the sessions information on and place it on various facebook pages (see under Workshops for a list of places for advertising).


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