Special Interest Evenings

Special Interest Evenings

These can be like a mini workshop structured around a certain subject and can be used as both informative and as a fundraising exercise. They can be one-off evenings or run as a series of 6 where people can either pay for each individual one or get a reduced rate for registering for all 6. 

If you have a full day workshop coming up, you might like to do a teaser for an evening to get people interested in the subject. If you do this, you may wish to make it a free evening to encourage people to register for the workshop.

Special interest evenings can also be used to allow those outside of your organisation to present information on their subject. In this case, the income received from the evening is generally shared after the costs have been covered and you would need to negotiate this with the person concerned.

These evenings are also a way to introduce people to subjects such as spiritual healing, meditation and spiritual guides and can act as a fore-runner to them joining a development circle or discussion group.

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