As you look back on your life is there a time when you can see that you made a wrong choice, one that has led you on a different pathway that isn’t really one you would choose given that time again?

Do you have any idea why the choice was made? Were you afraid, or was it solely to keep the peace, to make other people in your life happy. We appear to accept that they know what we should do with our life more than we ourselves do.

Is this what you should have done? What did you miss out on? Where did that choice take you? Did it work out well for you, or, are you totally off that original pathway with no hope of ever getting back on it. Do you feel it’s too late? Is it too late? Would you risk disrupting what you have now to do what you have always yearned.

Well, would you? Is it worth the risk? Is it a risk any more? Have you grown stronger in your intent because you know what you should do.

Could the people in your life finally accept that you should be able to do what it is that pleases you?

Can you put that wrong choice right and live your dream?

Is it a choice you are prepared to make?

I wonder …….