We are a federation of star people from different star systems, who have come together and formed a united strong group of star beings from different galaxies and different universes who hold true the highest good of all and are united in keeping peace and keeping negative energy out of our universes and we overlook to only channel the highest frequencies. We help in these exceptional times to safeguard, not only our people from different star nations but also those on planet earth. We enable the highest frequencies to come forth and in a ‘diffused way’ allow our lightworkers, or star seeds, who work so tirelessly and who have been planted by us on earth in a manner to allow equal distribution around the planet, but also helping out in the more contaminated places. I don’t refer only to your current situation with the virus dear ones, but your overall contamination of the dark forces, who have been on your planet, and to eliminate these. But the lightworkers also bring forth, gently and with our guidance, the frequencies needed to lift your beloved planet earth up into higher frequencies. This task is or has been difficult, but with many more lightworkers spreading the light and love energies around mother earth and to other human beings, it has been quite infectious. Excuse the pun. All other beings on earth, the animal kingdom, plant and tree kingdom, rock kingdom, have been subjected to much demise in these hundreds of years of what you call your human advancement. They have suffered greatly. Sufficient numbers of human beings have now received the transmission of the highest vibes you can handle right now, and this will change also, to be able to assist your planet earth to birth into her higher frequencies.

We have all been part of this at different times, lightworkers were there then too, in times you call Atlantis and Lemuria, to help defend the living beings and indeed Mother Earth and your whole solar system from entire destruction. Yes indeed, my dear ones, you were lucky in away. But the loss of this was great for humans and Mother Earth. You plunged into dark times, with no recollections of the great love and light and abundance that was then. The lightworkers have retracted and only since a short while ago have they been able and willing, one by one and in greater numbers, and at great concern for their wellbeing, to come back down to earth. They have to go through all soul experiences their soul contracted for again, before remembering their light and moving into the light energies sufficiently to spread the light amongst others and teach, so more humans will also remember who they are. This has been a difficult time, but we have now achieved a high enough level of energies to move up and out of 3rd and 4th vibrational level. We are thankful for the suffering our lightworkers had to endure. We have overseen this whole process and will continue to do so. We also look at keeping peace and high vibrations amongst our star systems and galaxies of the many universes. We work with the highest of the high commands of different star systems. That is our Federation. And much more, but that’s all you need to know for now.

Channelled by Frankie Schmid 20.4.20