Elementals are nature spirits. They are the fairies, the gnomes, the water sprites, the unicorns and so many more. They have been on our earth plane since the beginning of time and are here to help maintain the life force of Mother Earth and all that lives and breathes on her. There are elementals attached to everything in nature including the rocks, the streams, the earth and the air. They work at transmuting any negative energy into love so that all on our earth plane can remain in balance.

Many elementals are looking to connect with us. The key to establishing a working relationship with them is sharing unconditional love – giving them love and sending forth the power of peace from your heart. This builds trust and encourages them to open to us and for us to be able to see, know or feel that they are there. In many ways, elementals are like children and they respond to love and encouragement.

Everything you see in nature has an elemental with it. Each of us are capable of communicating with them on that unconditional love basis.  The most common elemental that people see, feel or connect with first are the fairies and they are everywhere and are just waiting to connect with you. They bring with them joy and fun as well as the feeling of love and peace. When you gaze at a flower and admire its beauty, know that you are also reaching out to the fairy that is with that flower and they will be sending their love and peace back to you. Allow yourself to accept that they are there and open yourselves up to communicating with them.

There are four classes of elementals:-

Earth – Gnomes, Trolls, Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Wood Nymphs and Brownies. They tend the earth, purging it of poisons and pollutants including toxic wastes, pesticides, nuclear radiation and every abuse of the earth. They also clean up the imprints of our discord and negativity that remain energetically in the earth.

Fairies are the guardians of plants and flowers. There is at least one fairy with every flower that you see and when you bring flowers into your home they come in with the flowers.

Elves are a secretive race who guard the trees. They use sound and song to heal the trees and the land. If you were a Druid in a previous life you will find it easier to connect with the elves as they had a strong connection with you back then.

Gnomes are the guardians of the energy centres, leylines and they protect the undergrowth. They have the task of ensuring that the energy along the leylines is kept clear.

 Air – Sylphs. The sylphs direct the flow of air currents and atmospheric conditions. They purify the atmosphere of pollutants such as car exhaust and toxic fumes from factories. The air element corresponds to the mental level of existence and so they purify energy from our negative thoughts, words and actions. They aid in the flow of energies from the spirit realm to those on the earth plane.

They float through the air on wind currents never residing anywhere except the wind. And it is in the wind that you can connect with them, reaching out to fly through the air with them, feeling the freedom that comes with that sensation of flying. Sylphs are feminine in energy and urge us to become more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of negative energy that is needed to be transmuted.

 Fire – Salamanders. They bring with them the spark that sustains all life on earth. They are there where there is electricity, firelight or the flame of a candle. They are here to control and contain flames and they know how to use the destructive force of fire for good.

Fire energy allows for renewal and regrowth and this energy will help you to develop and strengthen your will, your courage and your passion, providing you with raw power. Think of the term ‘a fire in your belly’ and know that this is the salamanders motivating you.

If you gaze into the flames of a fire or the flame of a candle, you will see the salamanders dancing and you can connect with them by reaching out with love.

 Water – Undines, Mermaids. These elementals cleanse our waters of all the pollution that we put into them. They play a vital role in the energy systems of all the ecosystems in the world working to keep the energy within the waters as pure as they can. They flow with the water and work to keep it balanced and oxygenated.

Water relates to our emotional and subconscious world and so they absorb and transmute our emotional energies that we express out into the world.

They are very playful and you will often hear or feel their excitable energy especially near shallow fast flowing water or in the surf. Watch for the splash of water when you are looking at a stream and know that they are attempting to get your attention.

As we raise the energy vibrations within ourselves, it is becoming easier to communicate with the elementals and to work alongside them to cleanse our planet of the many forms of pollution that it has absorbed. It has become too big a job for the elementals to do alone. So, it is up to humanity to start doing their share, both in reducing the amount of pollution and in clearing that which is already on our earth plane. The more we can reach out to the elementals and work with them, the more we can cleanse, balance and rejuvenate our world.

Barbara Hand, Spirit Wings, 20.4.20