Oh Earthlings! We all live in a multiverse of universes. On different star systems in different galaxies, you are part of the Milky Way, but there are many more. Yes, there is life outside your Earth, for those who still don’t grasp this fact, even if you can’t reach this yet with your technology so far. You were once able to travel to different star systems, but when the great darkness came about and everything needed to be shut down to safeguard our other galaxies and multiverses, this had to be stopped immediately. Star people are just like this, they are people, communities living on planets like yours or different ones, all in different and much higher frequencies. At this stage, you would not be able to withstand those high frequencies and neither are some of our star people from some of our planets and they need adjusting when they travel to other galaxies, which is not easy for them. But sometimes this is needed for what you call meetings, especially amongst our Star Federation, to keep the peace and safety in our universes and galaxies.

Star people all have different bodies, depending on which galaxy they are from, most are translucent with different colours or hues, but recognisable, some are denser and have animal-like shapes. We communicate telepathically with each other mostly, sometimes with symbols. Due to our high frequencies we, in the past, had difficulties to reach your planet earth safely and for sustained times. But since the tireless work of our lightworkers on earth, who are our star sisters and brothers seeds,  but are born with a human body and who created bubbles of higher frequencies and measures of cleansed portals, through which we can come through, recently more of us have been able to come down to assist in this great task of human evolution, to help lift the energies collectively and also of Mother Earth. But you must understand, we cannot at this stage live or stay in your dense frequencies, so we can only reside for short times. Well, your times anyway. That’s another story for another time. Excuse the pun… again!

Yes, and we have humour too! As many of your awakened ones will have experienced in different ways by now.

So rest assured, that due to the consciousness rising on Mother Earth and spread of high love energies around your earth, we have made this possible to assist you. And many of your healers have already attested and work with us in awareness and full consciousness, that this is happening. Some of your healers can see us, some can’t, but in their heart space, they are aware and take our guidance for what is needed in time. Some may work with selected individual human beings to work on their soul evolution, some are working with us more in a collective way to heal environmental, collective energies and heal Mother Earth.

So I trust you got the picture now. We are here in peace and healing to help you. Do not fear, dear ones, we came not here to cause you any harm or destroy what is dear to us.

With much love and light!

Channelled by Frankie Schmid 29.4.20