My pathway to Spiritualism was through despair.

I found myself with no light and no meaning. I was missing something and I didn’t know what.

A friend introduced me to the idea of a further dimension to myself – one that was undamaged and whole.

She loaned me a couple of Spiritual magazines – which I devoured. I then came across that wonderful publication ‘The Rainbow News’ – available at that time in the bigger supermarkets. I subscribed and a whole new world opened up with articles from a wide variety of modalities by a diversity of people.

My friend also told me of the local Spiritualist Church. I had known it was there for the last couple of years, but had always been suspicious of just what it represented and just what they did in their services. However, with my new learning and understandings I was ready (thank you spirit) and summoned up the courage to go along. I knew from that first day that this was where I belonged. It was like coming across an oasis in the desert. I ‘drank in’ the energies, the songs, the prayers, the addresses and began wondering what this ‘Spirit Communication’ was all about.I returned the next week …. and the next …. and ever since.

I learnt so much and began opening myself to the awesome truth that I was more than just my human ‘Poor Me’ self. I realised that through my Soul / Spirit aspect, I was connected to the Divine Source (the God Force) and in short realised that my life had meaning’. I understood that I was not at the mercy of life’s events. That no matter what situations I faced, I had the choice of how to react or cope.

I was back in control. I had a purpose. Life, I realise now is a series of events and challenges that are often not easy. But I give thanks that my soul / spirit is able to experience what the Earth Plane has to offer and to gain the understanding that adds to both my ultimate purpose and that of All that Is.