You have probably heard the saying that we are all one. And this is true. Because everything in our Universe is made of energy, you, me, the trees, the earth, your furniture, your car, the animals, birds and fish – everything that you can think of is energy. And because we are all energy, we are all connected, we are all part of the whole.

Energy vibrates at various frequencies. For a very basic understanding, solid matter vibrates at the lower frequencies, while the higher frequencies are what we call spirit, universal energy, God, source or any other words referring to the same thing. Spiritual energy is known by many names all over the world, and people have been perceiving, and trying to describe and use, this energy for thousands of years. For example, in martial arts, there is ki (in Japanese) or chi (in Chinese) and prana (in Hindi).

Your energetic interconnectedness means that every thought, action and word that comes from you affects everything. Whether you are angry, sad, happy or at peace, you have the ability to share that energy with all. There is no problem with feeling these emotions, as this is part of being a human being, part of what you came onto the earth plane to learn. It is when you splash these emotions outwardly that they are absorbed into the Universal Consciousness. So, in order to raise the energy vibration of our earth plane, your aim is to be in a space of Unconditional Love as much as possible.

The energy vibrations that you express with your words, actions, feelings and thoughts are often based on patterns that you have developed throughout your lifetime. The wonderful thing about energy is that it is very fluid and can be easily changed as it flows. You can change your own energy vibration in many ways, including changing your opinion about something, learning to stop judgements both of yourselves and others, choosing to rethink how you are living your lives and shifting to a more heart-based loving perspective.

You are all in a space of time where you can choose to relook at who you are and how you live your lives. You can choose how you interact with others and yourselves and you can choose how you intend to live your lives in the future. Each of you has a role to play in how our earth is going to look in 10 years time.

This next decade is crucial to how you are going to move forward and individually, it is time for you to reassess where you are going and to make a conscious choice as to whether you are going to be part of raising the energy vibrations of your earth plane. Only by doing this can you then do your part to move our civilization forward into the next stage of its development.

Barbara Hand, Spirit Wings, 13.4.20