Unconditional Love is the love of the universe. It flows from Source into your hearts. This love is pure and brings with it peace, love, calm and balance. The more that you can bring this love into yourselves, the easier you find that you deal with all that is happening around you and within you.

Unconditional Love is infinite and has no strings attached to it. Everyone and everything is worthy of receiving this love which is an energy that flows from the universe to each of you. Because this love flows into your heart space, you do not allow your minds to become involved and therefore it is not coloured by judgments or by emotions. It is just pure Unconditional Love.

As this love has no limitations, you share it freely with all you come into contact with. It can be shared with a smile, a thought or a word and it is like a pebble dropping into a pool, the ripples spread out and spread out until you have no concept of how far that love you shared has travelled. So, try to be aware of the way you are communicating either with yourself or others. Ask yourself, am I communicating from a place of Unconditional Love?

You can share the Unconditional Love with anyone, regardless of who they are or what they may have done. This love is shared soul to soul and, as you all know, souls are pure and therefore worthy of receiving the love. You don’t know what pathways others have chosen for themselves in this lifetime, so it is not up to you to judge their thoughts, actions and words. The best way you can help them to move forward is to share the Unconditional Love with them. This may seem really difficult at first as your mind and your emotions enter into the fray and tell you that that person is not worthy of receiving the love because of what they did or what they said. However, you all need to remember that this is pure source love and each soul is worthy of receiving it.

There are many benefits to be achieved when you use and absorb the Unconditional Love.

  • it helps you to raise your energy vibrations
  • it allows you to have a clearer communication with other people, the spirit realm, the animal kingdom and all that is
  • the more you connect with others with the Unconditional Love vibration, the easier your life flows
  • it helps you to accept others for who they are not and not for who you wish them to be
  • it helps you to observe what is happening in your life rather than becoming bogged down in the events
  • it also helps you to accept and learn from your experiences, in a more loving fashion instead of judging yourself, and to also increase your wisdom
  • it allows you to feel empathy with others but leave their emotions with them

So, by using the Unconditional Love as your base, rather than conditional love

  • you can accept what is happening around you much more easily – it is what it is
  • you are able to accept others for who they are, rather than who you want them to be – they are who they are
  • you are able to raise your vibrations and connect with a far wider range of spirit energy

To connect with the Unconditional Love, sit quietly with your eyes closed and allow yourself to see, feel or know that there is a stream of energy flowing down from the Universe, down through your head into your energy field and your physical body. This energy flows like a gentle stream, touching all parts of you and then flows out through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. Allow yourself to feel the peace and the calm that comes with this Unconditional Love. Allow yourself to relax into the love, accepting that you are worthy of receiving this love, of being this love. Allow this flow to continue for as long as you like and then gently allow the flow to slow to a trickle, knowing that you can focus and increase the flow at any time as the Unconditional Love never runs out. Now gently open your eyes.

Barbara Hand, Spirit Wings, 16.4.20