Many of us fear the word power.  It holds the connotation of ‘ruling over others’, of ‘using force or manipulation to gain what it is that they want’.  For some, it is a lesson learned early in life from those around us.  For others, it has been carried forward from previous lifetimes where we have either misused our own power, been powerless at the hands of others, or both.

And yet power, when used with the right intent, is an important aspect of all of us.  It is the flavouring that we give to that energy that decides how we use it.  Like every aspect of our being, it is how we choose to use it that defines the outcome of that use.

Self-empowerment can mean that we allow our ego to go out of control and forget about considering the feelings of others, in our race to achieve whatever it is we are focusing on.  Or it can mean that we use it to step into our own power and follow what is right for us while still being mindful of the needs of all those around us.  We can choose to use this self-empowerment to step into the totality of who we are, to love ourselves and to be the person we came here to be, to achieve what we came here to achieve.  We can choose to act from a place of power and love.

Our power is within us for a purpose.  It is there to be used wisely and well. It is time to let go of all the old beliefs and thoughts, time to let go all the old patterns around our fear of power.  It is time to embrace it and use it for the benefit of ourselves and all of mankind, wisely and with love.