We encourage you to join with us in building a strong spiritual community where we can share and expand our knowledge, our businesses, our teachings and our love.

We are a national body bringing together those who identify as Spiritualists and working to promote an understanding of the Principles of Spiritualism.

This year we will be running an Autumn Webinar series, starting in March.

The series will allow you to learn about a variety of subjects with each webinar run by an experienced medium.

Watch our newsletters and our Events page for more information about each webinar and booking details either for individual webinars or for the whole series.



Join with like-minded individuals to discuss and share spiritual knowledge and experiences. Connect with us and gain access to panel discussions and interviews with spiritual people who are on journeys of personal growth.

To join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 821 2813 0452  Passcode: 745188

On 22 September 2024, we will be celebrating 100 years since the Act of Parliament was passed to empower spiritualism in New Zealand.  We are planning to focus this year on what has happened with spiritualism over the past 100 years.

 If you have information about people, places or documents that refer to spiritualism’s history, we would love to hear from you. Please email Amanda at registrar@spiritualism.org.nz.



Learn more about the philosophy of Spiritualism and what it means to live a spiritual life.



Learn more about the practice of spiritual healing and how to contact a registered spiritual healer.



Learn about how mediums work and what you can expect when you visit one for a reading.



Learn more about what is involved in running a spiritual practice.



Learn more about registered Spiritualist Ministers, their roles and function and how to contact them.


Organisations and Groups

Learn more about running a Spiritualist Church or Centre or an informal group.


Those who become Spiritualists seek to follow The Seven Principles as a basis for life. These Principles were given to Emma Hardinge Britten by spirit.

Upcoming Events

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