What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is many things to many people as it has no dogma or creed and thus allows each individual to increase their understanding at their own pace. 

It is a science, a religion and a philosophy that equally satisfies your heart, your mind and your logic, by giving you the answer to that age old question “What happens when I die?”  It does this by showing you that your soul/spirit continues after your bodily death, death just being a transition from the earth plane to the spirit realm.  This understanding is gained by means of communication with the spirit realm through mediums and takes place between the physical world and the spirit world when the right conditions are present.

It is a way of life that focuses on the joy and harmony within your everyday existence, by taking away the fear of death.  It does not tell you what you should believe or how you should act, but rather encourages you to be responsible for your own choices and to take personal responsibility for all that you do and say.  It also encourages you to allow others the freedom to do the same for themselves, as the only person that you can change is yourself.  It is a religion of love, both for those who have departed and those who remain on the earth plane. 

It is a science as it is based upon well proven facts that can and have been demonstrated over hundreds of years.  It does not accept any theories that cannot be proven and is continually searching for the truth in every part of existence, both in human psychology and the natural world and is therefore the science of life.  It gives proof of man’s immortality and the existence of spirit and the spirit realm.

Those who become Spiritualists seek to follow The Seven Principles that were given by spirit as a basis for life. 

We believe that each person has freedom of choice but is personally responsible for those choices and for their own actions and reactions.  We believe that all mankind is part of the family of God and that therefore each should be treated equally regardless of their colour, creed or race and we consciously attempt to work towards all living in peace and harmony.  Our teachings show us that there is no heaven and hell, rather that these are states created within ourselves as a result of our own outlook.  This encourages us to try to live our lives in as positive a manner as possible.

A Spiritualist knows that there is no death and that the life of the soul or spirit continues on. 

We are all souls clothed in a material body and it is this soul that learns and grows through life’s ups and downs and that continues to grow on it’s return to the spirit realm.  A  Spiritualist also knows that those in spirit communicate with those on the earth plane, but only when they wish to do so and then only under the right conditions.  This may be through a medium or directly to a person, in the form of a guide or helper.

As Spiritualists we believe firmly in the existence of God as a being or energy of Unconditional Love and that each of us is a part of God.   However, how we understand the world and spiritual matters depends on our individual experience and knowledge and we have the flexibility to change and develop our beliefs day by day, hour by hour or minute by minute as we move though our lives. 

Within Spiritualism is the key to an understanding of all that relates to the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of man as each is entwined and needs to be balanced with the other.  It is a guide to a way of living that gives freedom in the way you live your life, for the betterment of both yourself and those around you.  One of the greatest desires of Spiritualism is to awaken the spirit within you and to move you beyond the five senses to a higher awareness of all that is you and around you.

Spiritualism New Zealand

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