Mediums are people who connect with the spirit realm to bring through guidance and wisdom from loved ones who have passed over or from spirit guides.

What is mediumship?

    Mediumship is the ability to give proof that our lives continue after our passing – that our soul is on a continuous journey and not just confined to this lifetime.

    A medium will act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world bringing through messages on a love vibration, from those in the spirit realm.

    How do mediums work?

      Mediums sense, hear, see and feel spirit energy in many different ways. Our Learn About series has an article ‘Ways of Communicating with Spirit’ which provides more information about how mediums work.

      What can you expect when you visit a medium?

        When you visit a medium you can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect. The medium will reach out to the spirit realm on a love vibration and will endeavour to bring through messages from loved ones or spirit guides, that will help you to move forward in your world in a positive way.

        They will often help you to see your life more clearly so that you can determine what you want to do. If they are bringing through messages from loved ones, they will be able to give you some identifying features or traits so that you know who it is that is communicating with you.

        A good medium will be positive, supportive, and explain about the links with the spirit world.

        What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

          A psychic will tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing their past, present and future. They are relying on their basic sense of intuition and being able to read the energy of the person they are with.

          A medium will connect with the spirit realm in order to gain information for the person they are with either by tuning in to their spirit energy or by connecting with those who have passed over or are in the spirit realm.

          For more information, check out our article on Mediumship.