What Does it Mean to Live a Spiritual Life?

There are a wide range of ideas and beliefs about what it means to live a spiritual life. Spiritualism New Zealand’s philosophy acknowledges and respects the diversity of beliefs in our communities, and also defines some core ideals and principles that relate to living spiritually.

Some of these are:

    • Becoming non-judgemental, while still taking action to ensure community safety.
    • Taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, actions and words.
    • Becoming true to yourself, and being open to life-long learning and growth.
    • Living from a place of unconditional love.
    • Practicing the art of gratitude.
    • Having a connection with your soul and the spirit realm.
    • Accepting that you are part of the oneness of all that is.
    • Raising your vibrations out of negativity into positivity.
    • Living in the now.

To gain a deeper understanding of these, read our article What does it mean to live a spiritual life 

Are you new to spirituality?


If you are interested in finding out what spirituality is, or if you have just started out and are wondering what the journey will be like and how it feels to be spiritual, then it’s helpful to know that there is not just one journey people take and there is not just one way to feel or be spiritual.

As people become involved in spirituality, they may have many and varied experiences. Some have a gentle, easy, and enjoyable flow into a new way of living, while others may find it a challenging or distressing experience that they don’t understand or know what to do with.

It helps to know that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way’, there is simply your way. You have been endowed with – or have chosen to endow yourself with – a way to live as a spiritual being on Earth.

To help you get a sense of the different ways, we asked a number of people who have been involved in spirituality for some time to share their journey and experiences. You will find their responses in the attached document.

There is much wisdom in their replies, with information that may help you. Many people are open to being contacted if you would like to ask questions or talk through your experiences.


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