Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing is the energy from the divine force that some of us call God. This energy is also described in many other ways such as love, source energy, divine essence and universal energy. It gives the body’s own healing abilities a boost, enabling the healing process to happen at all levels within the body and energy fields. In simple terms the energy flows from Spirit (the divine source) – through the healer – to the recipient whose spirit self acts as a receiver and transformer of the healing energies.

Spiritual healing is the link between ourselves and God or whatever term you use to describe this universal energy. The true spiritual healer is a person working irrespective of colour, class or creed. They are in tune with the source of all creation and this linking between the source energy, the healer and the recipient forms a triangle of attunement that enables the healing energies to flow. While this healing energy is intangible, it is both subtle and powerful, and can be sought at any stage of an illness or condition.

Where is it available?

Spiritualism New Zealand has Registered Spiritual Healers available either through their many member organisations or as individual registered practitioners. Contact information for these practitioners is in our website Directory. 
Many spiritual churches and centres also have spiritual healing available.

What is absent healing?

Absent healing is when healers ask for the healing energy to be sent to somebody at another location, eg another town or even another country. It occurs when the healer attunes to the universal energy to give healing to a person not physically present. This healing is sent on a love vibration to the recipient’s soul and at this stage that soul can choose whether or not they accept the healing. If the healing is not accepted, it is absorbed into the Earth’s vibrations, adding to the healing required for our planet. Most spiritual churches have a healing book in which you can write the names of those who you know are in need of healing. The healing will be sent to them by the church healers through absent healing.

What can you expect from spiritual healing?

You will be greeted and treated with dignity and respect. All our Registered Spiritual Healers work within our Spiritual Healers Code of Ethics which they will have available for you to read if you wish. During the treatment, you will always be made to feel comfortable and safe. Some healers prefer you lie on a treatment or massage table, others will ask you to sit on a chair.

Some will use touch as part of the healing process, while others will hold their hands a few inches away from your body or simply sit opposite you. For your own comfort, you may be asked to remove outwear such as your coat or hat, footwear or glasses. You will not be required to remove any other clothing.

By asking for spiritual healing, you are asking for and allowing the spiritual healing energies of the universal energy to work with you and help you to move through the situation you are in at this moment. Nothing is expected from you except perhaps an openness to what may happen and a degree of trust in the process. It is now being shown that a positive attitude in wanting to feel well again, can have a great influence on the level of recovery, both with medical treatment and spiritual healing.

You will only receive what is right for you at this moment in time, bearing in mind it is not only your physical body that is receiving the healing, but also your mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. The healing enables you to progress in whatever way is right for you, so that you can continue to fulfil your life’s purpose.

Spiritual healers do not give any diagnosis of illness or any guarantees of recovery. They are simply there to allow the healing energies of the universe to flow into your body, thus enabling it to heal itself in whatever way is needed.

Who can become a spiritual healer?

We are all born with the ability to heal, eg when a parent picks up a crying child and “kisses it better” they are giving them healing. You can develop your natural ability to heal further by learning from experienced healers and/or by attending workshops. Spiritualism New Zealand runs a two-year training course to enable you to become Registered Spiritual Healers. Full information on this process is available under Registered Spiritual Healers.

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