Workshops are a valuable tool to spread knowledge about many different spiritual subjects as well as being a means of bringing some funding into your organisation. They can be made to fit your subject and your availability so could be for 2 hours, 4 hours, full day, weekend or evening. 

When planning your workshop, there are many different steps to follow. However, they are not difficult to run and can be as simple or complex as you wish them to be. 

  • Decide what your topic is going to be. You may feel limited on what you can produce but, in fact, with spirits help and the help of the information on the internet, it is possible to produce a workshop on virtually any spiritual topic.
  • Once you have decided on your topic, you may want to think about what sort of workshop you want to have. 
    • Do you want to talk while others sit and listen? 
    • Do you want it to be interactive where the participants can ask questions as you go along or at set intervals? These workshop will often move off on a tangent depending on what questions are asked so you would require your presenter to have a fairly general knowledge. In saying that, if a question is asked that the presenter has no knowledge of and isn’t receiving any information from their spirit guides, then it is perfectly acceptable to say so and to either move on or ask if you can come back to the person at a later date with the information. This then gives you time to ask others or research the information. 
    • Do you want to include exercises, meditations etc to give people the opportunity to learn by experience and have something to take away with them?
  • The next decision is how long do you want your workshop to be? This may well depend on how much knowledge you want to share about your topic and whether it is going to be just talking or include other aspects.
  • Then you will decide where you are going to hold your workshop and make the appropriate bookings. You may also want to look at the option of doing an internet workshop using the likes of zoom or skype.
  • Once you have done this, you can decide on the price you wish to charge. Aspects to take into account when you are doing this are
    • How much is your venue going to cost?
    • Are you going to provide refreshments? If it’s a full day workshop, are you providing lunch, or is going to be a pot luck lunch or are you asking participants to bring their own.
    • Are you going to provide a handout as this comes with its own costs
    • And lastly, how much do you value your time as opposed to how much you think people can afford. This is often the hardest decision for people to make and it is often good to decide on a formula and stick to it. This might be in the form of setting an hourly charge in your mind and then just extrapolating it out for the number of hours that you are teaching. As an organisation, you may decide to have a reduced fee for your members as a benefit to belonging to your organisation.
  • You now have all your information ready to design your advertising for your workshop. This is usually in the form of an A4 flyer. Make sure that you make your flyer attractive and eye-catching and be sure to include the following information
    • What is your workshop about 
    • who the presenter is 
    • where it is being held 
    • the date and start and finish time 
    • the cost
    • how to book for the workshop
    • and details about meals if required.

These flyers are versatile and can be placed in various places

  • On your organisations notice board
  • On local notice boards such as in community centres or libraries
  • In shop windows
  • If you convert your flyer to jpeg form, you can place it on various facebook pages. Check out if there is a community facebook page or buy, sell and swap pages that have discussion sections or spiritual interest ones, in your area, There are also some national based ones that it is worth advertising on such as
    • Lightworkers of New Zealand
    • Mind Body Spirit Workshops
    • NZ Psychic and Spiritual Free Listings
    • Spiritual Events and Retreats      

Once you have joined these sites, you can place your flyer on them.

  • You can also share these flyers with your members either at services or by emailing them if you have an email database. Be sure to ask them to share your flyer on their facebook page and with any of their friends who might be interested.
  • Other places that you can advertise your events on the internet are Eventfinda and Eventbrite.
  • Now you have advertised your workshop it is time to get down to the basics of planning what you are going to include in it. A connection with your spirit guides while you are doing this is extremely useful as you will find they will be with you on the day as well and so their input is very valuable.
    When you are first starting running workshops, you will probably want to write out what you are going to say in some detail. This will change as you become more experienced until you will find you are basically working from bullet points.
    As you are planning your workshop, think about the value of getting your participants involved on a regular basis. This could be in the form of
    • Brainstorming an idea and putting the ideas up on a whiteboard
    • Doing a meditation to let them share what they are absorbing with their guides and accepting the information at a deeper level
    • Doing some exercises that make them think about what it is that you are teaching and also give them something to take away and practise with so that they can use the knowledge they are gaining in their everyday life.
    • Do you want to give them a handout at the end of the workshop with the basic information on it? If you decide to do this, tell them at the start so that they don’t have to take so many notes. It is helpful for them to know as you go along, which bits will be included in the handout. It is also good practice to have pens and paper available for those who haven’t brought anything with them to write on.
  • You are now ready to run your workshop. Do so with enthusiasm, fun and joy.


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