Registered Spiritual Healers

A healer registered with Spiritualism New Zealand is a person who has successfully completed our training, demonstrated a high healing standard and agrees to abide by our Code of Ethics.

Who can become a Registered Spiritual Healer

Anyone can train to become a spiritual healer.  If you wish to do this, you can become a Provisional Healer and attend workshops which will give you the necessary information to become a Registered Healer.  During the training, you will learn to be a conduit or channel for the spiritual healing energy, allowing that energy to flow from spirit, through you to those to whom you are giving healing.   

Once you have successfully passed through the training process, demonstrated your competence and agreed to abide by our Spiritual Healers Code of Ethics you will become a Registered Spiritual Healer with Spiritualism New Zealand and receive all the benefits that comes with this position.

Benefits of becoming a Registered Spiritual Healer

  1.  Recognition as part of a national body;
  2.  Access to on-going training;
  3.  Access to peer support and mentoring;
  4.  The right to advertise yourself as a Registered Spiritual Healer with Spiritualism New Zealand providing you are meeting the on-going requirements;
  5.  Your registration with Spiritualism New Zealand, gives the public confidence in your ethics and standards of practice;
  6.  Covered by Public Liability Insurance held by Spiritualism New Zealand, provided that the Spiritual Healer is abiding by the Code of Ethics.

What do you need to do to become a Registered Spiritual Healer?

There are two pathways to becoming a Registered Spiritual Healer. You can:

  1.  Become an Individual Member of Spiritualism New Zealand and gain full access to all our resources and benefits; or
  2. Join an organisation which is a member of Spiritualism New Zealand and gain only the benefits ascribed to Spiritual Healers, not the other member benefits. (If you join through an organisation, you can also join as an Individual Member at any time.)

Having chosen your pathway, you can then apply to become a Spiritual Healer. The process and length of time it will take to qualify depends on the extent of your experience:

  1.  If you have no or little prior experience, you would first apply to become a Provisional Spiritual Healer, complete 2 years of training and experience, and then apply to become a Registered Spiritual Healer. (See below for the full process to gain your registration.)
  2. If you have prior experience and training with another Spiritual Healing organisation and wish to have that recognised by Spiritualism New Zealand, you would send full details of your spiritual healing training, experience and qualifications (if any) to together with a completed application form, NZ Police Request and Consent Form, the documentation required by the NZ Police and the application fee of $30.  Decisions about the extent to which you will need to complete the Provisional Healer steps described below will be made on a case by case basis and you will be advised accordingly.

Process to gain your Registration


  1.    Join Spiritualism New Zealand as an Individual Member or join a member organisation.
  2.   Record your details and any spiritual healing experience you have had on the Provisional Healer application form, and send the completed form along with a NZ Police Request and Consent Form (pages 2 & 3), documentation required by the NZ Police and application fee of $30 to the
  3.   If you have already had prior spiritual healing experience and qualifications, and have indicated on the Provisional Healer application form that you wish to be accepted as a Registered Spiritual Healer, skip to step 10 below.
  4.   Once the police vetting process is completed and the Board has accepted the information provided on your application form, you will become a Provisional Spiritual Healer until the remaining graduation criteria are passed. Upon payment of your annual practising fee of $30 (which covers your Public Liability insurance), we will send you a Provisional Spiritual Healer Practising Certificate.
  5.   Complete the training process with an accredited Spiritualism New Zealand trainer.  This will involve a series of workshops over a period of 2 years. You must complete this process within 3 years of registering as a Provisional Spiritual Healer.
  6.   During the 2 years, keep a log of all training and healing sessions.  If working in a Church or Centre environment, the healing log is to be signed by the supervising Registered Spiritual Healer. The training log is to be signed by each training session’s Registered Trainer. People who started their spiritual healing training before September 2018 (when these requirements were implemented) need only supply logs of their recent training and healing.
  7.   Obtain 4 written testimonials from people that have received spiritual healing from you.
  8.   Undergo a written evaluation. A practical evaluation will also be implemented in the future but is not currently required.
  9.   Complete the Registered Healer application form, agree to attend regular refresher courses and to abide by the Spiritual Healers Code of Ethics, and forward with the application fee of $30 to the Registrar.
  10. When all these criteria have are deemed to have been completed, the Board will approve your status as a Registered Spiritual Healer.  If your practise fee is current, or upon payment of your annual practising fee of $30, we will send you a Registered Spiritual Healer Practising Certificate.
  11. Each year you will be required to pay your annual practising fee and attend further refesher/advanced training if any is being offered locally (or on-line).
  12. Every 5 years (or earlier if requested by the Board) you will be required to complete a further NZ Police Request and Consent Form.
Documentation required by the NZ police: Police require 2 forms of ID, one primary and one secondary, one of which must be photographic. Copies can be made for SNZ and verified by a local "identity referee".
Primary IDs include:
  • Passport (NZ or Overseas)
  • NZ Firearms Licence
  • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued on or after 1998)
  • NZ Citizenship Certificate
  • NZ Refugee Travel Document
  • NZ Emergency Travel Document
  • NZ Certificate of Identity
Secondary IDs include:
    • NZ Driver Licence
    • 18+ card
    • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued before 1998)
    • Community Services card
    • SuperGold Card
    • NZ Employee Photo Identification Card
    • NZ Student Photo Identification Card
    • Inland Revenue number
  • NZ issued utility bill (issued not more than six months earlier)
  • NZ Teachers Registration certificate
  • NZ Electoral Roll Record
  • International Driving Permit
  • Steps to Freedom Form

Current identity documents are preferred, but documents that have expired within the past five years may be accepted.

Evidence of a name change

If the two identity documents have different names (e.g. a birth certificate contains the applicant’s maiden name and a driver licence contains their married name) evidence of a name change must be sighted such as a marriage certificate or statutory declaration.

Police Request and Consent Form

– click on the big “+” beside ‘Request and Consent Forms’ and then select one of the ‘Request and Consent Form – NZ Police Vet only’ versions.

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