Saint Germain is the Ascended master responsible for bringing the knowledge of the Violet Flame to our conscious minds. It was first re-introduced to humanity in 1936. At this time, lightworkers throughout the world were only able to use it at its most gentle frequencies for healing the qualities of compassion and forgiveness.

For over 7 decades, lightworkers around the world have been invoking the Violet Flame. They have been slowly and steadily clearing the way for the awakening that is now taking place in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. As this awakening happens, the vibrations on our earth plane rise and the Violet Flame gains more and more power to transmute the negativity that we have, and are, creating.

The Violet Flame is the most powerful frequency of transmutation available to us and Mother Earth at this time. Transmutation means to change – to alter in form, appearance or nature and so the violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, “fate” into opportunity. It is the perfect balance of the Divine Masculine blue flame of Power, the Gold Flame of Wisdom and the Divine Feminine pink flame of Love – the Three-fold Flame.

We each have a concept of what negative energy is. We think in terms of anger, pain, fear, violence, blame, judgement etc – our emotional negatives. However negative energy is far more than that. Every form on our earth plane is, at its base, perfect. But on top of that perfection, we gather imperfections such as the fungus on plants, the scum on water, the mould on the earth and injuries and illness in ourselves. So, when we talk of negative energy, we are talking about all those imperfections in ourselves and our world. For instance, if we have a sore knee or an upset stomach, remember that beneath that injury or pain there is perfection. And the violet flame can help us return all to its perfection by transmuting that negativity.

Access to the Violet Flame is always available through your heart centre where a connection to it resides as a tiny flame. It is easiest to use the flame in a meditative state and a sample meditation is available here and written out below. Many lightworkers feel overwhelmed with what to do to help our world but anytime you do a mediation with the Violet Flame you are doing just that. The more that the flame is used to reduce the negativity on our planet the better. So whenever you have the time and space, sit down and do a meditation with the flame. Apart from what is on the meditation, you can use your mediation to direct the flame to another person, to a dwelling, to an office building, to Mother Earth, to our atmosphere. In fact, you can ask the flame to transmute energy wherever you choose to direct it or you can just ask it to clear our negative energy. Once you have activated the flame, there is no need to do anything else except let it do its thing as it knows what is needed and will act accordingly. Don’t worry about sending it where it is not wanted as it will not go to anyone or anything that does not wish it to. So if you send it down your street, for instance, you may see it miss certain houses as it did not receive permission from them.

Spirit encourages you to use the Violet Flame as often as possible as a way of transmuting the negative energy we have generated into Unconditional Love.

A really wonderful thing to be aware of is that you don’t have to fully understand the nature of Violet Flame Meditation or how it works for your meditation to work! It isn’t possible for our minds to encompass what lies beyond the parameters of the mind. You simply need to activate the Violet Flame and allow it to do its work.

To hear a Meditation so that you can learn to use the Violet Flame for yourself and all on our earth plane, click here.